Bargain Buns: 5 Hardcore London Fitness Classes with up to 60% off

Who needs a standard gym membership when you can try out these hardcore London fitness classes for a bargain price? 

There are a rare breed of people who actually enjoy the gym. They can happily get up at 6am for a frosty run across Hyde Park, take part in marathons for fun, and probably know what spirulina is and how to use it.

The rest of us think its a sweaty hell hole and if someone isn’t yelling at us to go faster, we’ll walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes while watching Jeremy Kyle and thinking about dinner. The overlords of exercise have realised this, hence the recent crop of hardcore fitness classes hitting London. Mostly offshoots of studios in New York and LA, these classes promise 45-60 minutes of torture followed by rock hard abs and the ability to touch your toes once again.

They don’t come cheap though, so we’ve put together a list of the top 5 hardcore London fitness classes which offer bargain introductory prices so you can give them a go without having to skip rent. May the force be with you.

Boom Cycle

boom-cycle-holborn-9If you like the sound of cycling really fast in a dark disco to pounding, high energy music, then Boom Cycle could very well be the perfect class. The enthusiastic trainers will guide you through an intense, choreographed 45 minute class, and despite the painful rumours which surround spinning their infectious attitude will have you forgetting about the stabbing pains in your legs as you pound your way through a Beyoncé track.

What’s more, we can vouch for great showers and fancy REN products in the changing rooms, so make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy them afterwards.

Bargain price: £20 for 3 classes (to be used within 14 days)

Usual price: £16 per class

Locations: Holborn, Shoreditch

Boot Camp Pilates

boot-richmond-1225We’re going to be honest with you – Bootcamp Pilates is like being tied to a Medieval rack and tortured for an hour. The Spanish Inquisition really missed out on an opportunity here (although we wouldn’t be surprised if they also had NO PAIN NO GAIN emblazoned on the wall), but torture aside, there’s nothing like Bootcamp Pilates for getting a lean body and killer abs.

You’ll be taken through a variety of exercises concentrating on abs, thighs and arms, as well as muscles you didn’t even know you had. The instructors are firm but fair, and despite the pain you’ll be hooked from the first class. Expect to end up with a perky bubble butt too.

Bargain price: £12 for 2 classes (to be used within 30 days)

Usual price: £21-27 per class

Locations: Fulham, Richmond, Notting Hill, Old Street


cyclebeatSimilar in concept to Boom Cycle, Cyclebeat have uber-techy bikes with built-in computers to record your RPM, gear and calorie count, a Beat Board leaderboard for competitive types and such a strong nightclub vibe that they’ve even installed a disco ball.

During the 45 minute class an expert instructor will take you through exercises such as sprints and hill climbs until you’re begging for relief, although no one can hear you over the pumping music. While they provide towels and spinning shoes, remember bring your own padlock for the lockers.

Bargain price: £20 for 10 days of unlimited classes

Usual price: £16 per class

Locations: Monument


3_2746658aReignite your childhood dream of being a ballet dancer at this quietly intense class in Richmond, where you’ll be stretched out and sculpted to perfection. Instructor Vicky Anstey takes you through a series of deceptively simple moves which will have you quivering and shaking in no time, and in comparison to other fitness classes the music is calm and relaxing.

Loads of Victoria’s Secret models and other unearthly creatures swear by this combination of ballet and toning exercises, and while we didn’t exactly wake up the next day as Candice Swoapnel, it certainly had an effect.

Bargain price: £12 for 2 classes (to be used within 14 days)

Usual price: £25 per class

Locations: Richmond

Hot Power Yoga

44692_421500381246_51230526246_5056559_8108396_nGet your sweat on at Hot Power Yoga, where you’ll be led through a flowing series of Vinyasa-style yoga poses in a sweltering 32C room. Doing yoga in what is effectively a sauna helps you detoxify through sweating, as well as allowing deeper stretches.

Not only will it tone you up, this friendly and welcoming class also helps focus, concentration and has meditative benefits. Try to remember that when you’re dripping your way through a downward dog.

Bargain price: £40 for 30 days of unlimited classes 

Usual price: £16 per class

Locations: Clapham



Main photo credit: Lucie Wicker

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